K & R Ladle Co. (K & R) was established in 1973 by proprietors Ken & Robyn Gill. The company was formed by meeting the needs of the diecast trade with hand-held ladles to pour Aluminium.

During the early years, K & R offered 24 different sizes in light or heavy duty ladles, and accessory tools such as Tongs, Skimmers and Degassing Plungers. In 1979, K & R was approached by an Aluminium Smelter to manufacture a Thermic Lance. Not only did K & R manufacture a safe Thermic Lance, but quickly became recognised as a cheaper and more efficient alternative to other brands.

ATLC are regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of Thermic Lances, because of sizes available, accessories, safety practises and efficiency. Our company holds large stocks of Lances to meet any emergency. ATLC can deliver thousands of Lances within hours. In the past, this has dramatically reduced down-time for many furnaces with molten metal spills.

The Australian Thermic Lance Company (ATLC) was registered as a division of K & R Ladle to enable overseas companies to find out the advantages of dealing with the K & R Ladle product range. ATLC and K & R have major distributors throughout Australia and overseas, therefore making our products very accessible to customers.

ATLC is celebrating 50 years of being in the thermic lancing business.
Lancing Pin
Australian Thermic Lance
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