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Safety Training with ATLC

ATLC has gained experience and knowledge of using Thermic & Mini Thermic Lances in various applications over the past 40 years of manufacturing this product.

From removing a stubborn 20mm train rail locking pin on the salt flats of South Australia, to a 9ft thick of Ferro Nickel in Indonesia. We have experienced removing an old dis-used bank vault from a city building, to cutting old tram tracks for roadwork improvements in the centre of Sydney.

From all these experiences and stories from our customers, we have put together a training course, that can offer a clear understanding of the Thermic Lance process, and how to use it safely in all kinds of environments. Our course was used on site in BHP Billiton’s largest mine in Australia, Olympic Dam. Our course is not government or industry regulated, but is backed up on ATLC’s excellent reputation in Australia and worldwide.

The course can be held at our premises in Sydney, or can be arranged to go on-site to train in classes of up to 20 operators at a time. Each trainee would benefit from 1 hour of theory and practical lesson, and sit a multiple choice test at the end, and with passing this test, they are issued a photo ID license, to carry on themselves at all times, which will help satisfy the safety officers in charge that the operator is competent in using Thermic & Mini Thermic Lances for all Hot Work applications on site.

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